Monday, July 7, 2014

Zombie Apocolypse and Flu Shot...Is there a link?

Every year, millions of Americans head to their doctor's offices, clinics, and pharmacies to be inoculated with a flu shot.  The flu shot is a sort of vaccine that protects one from contracting the flu virus.  Almost every year the flu vaccine is changed to accommodate the various strains the virus mutates (which is its nature, being a virus and all) into.

Yeah, right.
I have never gotten a flu shot and I can count on one hand how many times I've gotten the flu. TWO.  Two times in my entire life I have had the displeasure of having my faculties submit to the likes of the flu.  And those of you that have ever gotten sick with the flu know it's no fun.  I mean seriously, people have died from this virus.  So, I don't take the decision not to get vaccinated lightly. On the contrary, I evaluate my circumstances each flu season (have I been subjected to continuous bouts of sneezing in my face, have I forgotten to buy Lysol at all, did I forget to wear gloves when touching foreign objects) and judge whether I feel I need it or not.

Ohh, how I love thee.
So far so good, (knock on wood) I haven't needed to get the shot nor have I been sick with the flu in the past, oh say, ten years.

I don't think not getting the shot has allowed me to come out of the flu season unscathed.  Well, I don't think its the ONLY reason I haven't gotten it.  I do an awful lot of hand washing, as I have the tendency to touch my face (Is anything on my cheek?), rub my eyes (ugh allergies), and bite my nails (terrible habit...Don't Judge Me).  In addition, I wear gloves when handling any type of body fluids that are not mine (I am exposed to this quite often in my profession...sigh).  I also sanitize surfaces of all kinds (Thanks Lysol!) and use a hand held steam cleaner (a true gem).

Now, I know this seems like overkill. But, believe me its not.  I do these things so often they have become second nature to me.

I know what you're thinking. What the hell does all this have to do with the Zombie Apocalypse anyway??? I'm glad you asked.

In every movie about the zombie apocalypse the catalyst of its beginning is always a virus, bacteria, or disease of some kind.  And what is the flu? A virus, bacteria and/or disease.  Take your pick.  Either way its nasty.  It mutates (just like humans would into zombies) and well, I have an awesome imagination that has allowed me to think long and hard on this subject.

I watch zombie movies (Night of the Living Dead; Zombieland),

I watch zombie television series (The Walking Dead...yeah! In the Flesh...meh)

Can't wait til Oct 14th!

and play zombie games (Left4Dead; Dead Island).

Can't get enough!

  So, yeah I admit my psyche may be a little overrun with the zombie concept.  But, it's so entertaining!  You know it is!

So, one day of little import, I watched a segment of the news that discussed the importance of getting a flu shot.  I scoffed at this notion as I had not ever gotten one and was fine.  In addition, I have witnessed healthy friends and family get the vaccine and come down with the flu or (as my friend's doctor said) a cold with flu like symptoms (eye roll).  I mean really??  Isn't that what the flu is really.  A cold with severe symptoms?

 It makes sense to me.  Hmm, then again, my sense may be your bafflement.  Ah well.

Anyway, I switched the channel just in time to see a preview of the new (at that time) movie "World War Z" and my imagination went wild and put the two together.

Let's think about this now.  Isn't it plausible to deduce that those that get vaccines (of a mutating virus mind you) could well become the mutated beings we refer to as Zombies? The virus mutating and altering their genetic code in a way to become such.  Furthermore, couldn't we also hypothesize that those of us that do not get the vaccine for several consecutive years or have never been inoculated would be the Survivors?  I've had light-hearted discussions on this point with family and friends alike and most think I have to much time on my hands, a vivid, unbounded imagination, or I'm just "out there".  I tend to agree.

I don't REALLY believe that there will be a Zombie Apocalypse.  However, if there is.  IF.  I do believe I will be one of the survivors, all because I didn't get a flu shot.  So far no one agrees with me.

Apparently, I'm the only one that thinks this way.
I'll look better and FEEL better than this guy...who happens to be my honey that let me zombify him.
Thanks Love!

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  1. Thats what I cant understand, how are you going to convince me your going to put a virus in me(dead or alive) and thats gonna stop me from contracting another virus.. 0 times ive had the flu(i feel like i should be saying my prayers now for thinking that out loud)


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