Here I Am!

Hello! My name is Shannon Rae and welcome to The Shaded Window. So, you're here to learn a little about me.  Well, keep reading.

 I, like so many of the woman today wear many hats. I'm a teacher, mother, daughter, sister, writer, crafter, and the ultimate book lover.  These are just a few hats laying around my humble domicile.  I have always had a great love affair with the written word. Books have held a special place in my heart the moment my mother gave me an easy reader, Dr. Suess book.  To this day Dr. Suess is my favorite children's author and I read him quite often.  My earliest memory reading is laying on my mother's back as she slept, my feet resting on her bottom as I propped "Go Dogs Go!" on my thighs and leisurely turned page after wonderful page.  My mother was a very hard sleeper, still is, and she never knew I was the reason for her cronic backache...sorry mommy.

I have found it not only peaceful but also invigorating to surround myself and submerge my senses in books of all kinds.  I often find myself surprised, bewildered, and all together astounded by what I have read whether its fiction, non-fiction, or a simple article in a magazine. 

Crafting is another passion of mine.  Here at The Shaded Window you will find me beading, sewing, and any other craft that allows me to utilize my imagination to create.  

I also love photography because it allows me to show others my own perspective of things.  It could be hit or miss as sometimes my vision is a little, well, "out there".  But either way I enjoy sharing my vision with others and I hope you enjoy it too.

Finally, here is where you will find my own random-ness relating to, well, life.  You'll agree with me or you won't.  Either way, it will start a dialogue of sorts that will provoke positive thoughts. At least that's my goal. 

So, dear reader (I've always wanted to write that) you will find my rants and raves of books pass and present, my successess and failed attempts at creating one thing or another, my visual perception and my insights on the roller coaster we call life.  I welcome you to my place of fulfillment.  Welcome to The Shaded Window.  Sit and stay a bit. 

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